Forms & Checklists

With cloud-based storage and access 24/7, managing your checks and auditing processes will be quick and efficient with VISION’s Forms & Checklists Module.

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Features and Benefits

  • Create your own templates and store within the system ready for use
  • Capture administrative information and customise settings for auto-emailing results and auto-storage
  • Customise scoring, ratings and questions
  • Email function to request users to complete a form/checklist
  • Request Corrective Measures function, assign actions and send email notifications to get tasks done
  • Document Management System for easy organisation and storage of templates and results
  • Upload and storage function for sharing template files not created within VISION
  • Associate templates and results with records held within the Equipment Register and RAMS Builder Modules
  • Different levels to manage user functionality
  • Dashboard for real-time management information

Whether desk or site based, VISION provides quick and easy access to creating and completing forms, checklists and audits as well as keeping track of actions and reviewing progress.

Forms & Checklists

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Create your templates online and provide others with instant access!

With VISION’s Forms & Checklists module, you can create and store templates online, making it easy for others to complete and record the outcomes of regular checks, as well as more detailed audits.

And with the Weekly Digest emailed automatically to your inbox, you’ll receive reminders on actions and deadlines coming up.

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