Risk Assessment Templates

Are you still using Word and Excel for creating your safe systems of work? If so, our fully customisable risk assessment templates are ideal for your business

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Online Risk Assessments

Utilising our risk assessment module, you can create customisable risk assessments for your business using our RAMS builder module to save you time, remove duplication and ensure everything is accessible online 24 hours a day.

Replace outdated Word and Excel systems with our RAMS module. Start your free trial today with VISION.

What are Risk Assessments?

Risk assessments are used to identify health and safety hazards and risks in the workplace and determine appropiate ways to eliminate them.

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Risk Assessment Templates

"With the fast turnaround of work and the satellited nature of our workforce, producing our RAMS was almost a full time undertaking.  VISION has streamlined planning, production and communication of the documents.   Out of system notifications, remote access, electronic signature capture and a simple user interface means we wouldn’t be without out it now. "

Tony Pearce, Project Manager, Bailey MK Ltd

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